Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well, She Sorta Looks Like Me....Not!

Well, I finally figured out how to cut and paste. I asked Chris to show me how, and his response was "I've already shown you how a million times!" So, he showed me one more time, and lo and behold, it stuck. So, what did I do? I cut and pasted everything I could find. I finally got the Weather Pixie to stay on the page, and I added several other things as well. My personal favorite is the terror alert. For anyone who may be wondering, the characters are from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, an Adult Swim cartoon set in New Jersey, involving a talking meatball, fries, and soft drink. Don't ask. My college age sons watch this show.

Also, I have my Yahoo avatar over there. Yahoo needs to have more choice. None of their avatars have grey hair, and they are all slim. Ahem. My avatar looks like I did 30 years ago, and I would like to update her, because I won't look like that ever again, unless I have my jaws wired shut, and get major plastic surgery.

Calvin goes back to the vets tomorrow to have his stitches removed. Cal is a six-year-old cow cat, who just had an eye removed because he had cancer of the third eyelid. Never heard of that before, but he seems to be doing well. We thought he had an eye infection, which got better with treatment, and then a lot worse very suddenly. Now, he is much more energetic, with a better appetite, and we are hoping for the best. He has a 50 percent chance of the cancer recurring, most likely in his head or neck. I've had Cal and his sister Meggie since they were three days old.

Some knitting last night. Worked a little more on my Southwest Opal sock. This sock is probably going to set records for taking so long to knit. Can't help it. I have a ton of reading on postpartum nursing and a test or two that have to be finished by next week. Now, on top of that, I have a section on fetal monitoring, and will have more on newborn nursery in the next few weeks. Also, I am going to be working days for 6-8 weeks. It'll be interesting getting to work by 6:45 in the morning. I so prefer nights. Worth it, though. I love this job.

I want to get some pix posted this week.
Dave took some cute ones of our Golden hanging out on my garden bench. Maybe he'll have time this weekend to show me how to do this.


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