Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Chipmunks are Back!

No, not Alvin and the bunch (I think I just dated myself), but the little guys who spent last fall running around in our yard. They were so cute! It was funny to see them sitting on the porch or the patio stuffing their cheeks full of sunflower seeds or corn or peanuts. They were an energetic addition to our yard. We usually have a bunch of porky, crabby squirrels, who are enjoyable in their own right, but the chipmunks were so high energy, and so visible, it was quite a change. We didn't see them at all for the winter months, and we weren't sure if they were hibernating, or had moved away. Yesterday they were scurrying around the back yard around the bird feeder, and under the old wooden slide we keep out by the fence for small-animal hiding spots.

I have continued knitting on Clapotis, and have unraveled two stitches so far. Interesting effect, and I really like the Noro Silk Garden in this colorway. I finished the second ball last night, and need to wind a third ball for tonight's knitting. That is, I will knit on it if Muffin gets off it. Muffy is our sweet little brain-damaged cow cat. She has taken quite a liking to Clapotis, and I don't have the heart to move her. Yes, all my knitting comes with complimentary cat fur in it. So, instead of Clapotis, I have decided to restart the frogged Trekking sock. I am several rows in on it, having started it this afternoon. I spent a good deal of time trolling ebay again. I saw several colorways of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and Lorna's Laces that I liked, a skein of Helen's lace for yet another shawl, some Koigu for the Charlotte's Web that I would like to make. I know, this was done to death a few years ago. I was in school and didn't have time for a life, much less knitting. I also looked in one of my favorite ebay stores, Jannette's Rare yarns, and saw some yummy clearance Rowan. However, I cannot spend a cent until I find out how much my transmission repair is going to be. I am not having trouble shifting this time - the last time I had transmission problems, I first noticed it when I couldn't shift out of reverse. Now, I am just leaking fluid all over the place. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is not going to be a huge expense. I can't get a camera, either, until I know what is going to be spent on my car. Oh, yeah, I also need four new tires. It never ends.

I just love this wonderful spring weather. It's been in the 70's today. After the monsoon we had over the weekend, this is a welcome change. Unfortunately, my backyard is too muddy to let the dog out in, or do any gardening in. The front yard is somewhat better, and it is a treat to check every day, and see what has come up. I have a million lily-of-the-valley this year. Apparently, they are really happy this year, and have spread like wildfire. My fers are coming back, and look beautiful, as do the hostas. Now, all I have to do is hope we don't get visits from hungry deer. I know they like roses, but hostas and ferns are also high on their favorites list.


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