Saturday, April 01, 2006

Couldn't flash my stash....

because I couldn't find some of it. I know it's been three years since I've done any appreciable knitting, but this is ridiculous. Is my memory that bad? I thought I had some summer-type yarns, and I was thinking of a summery cardigan. All I came up with was some Cotton-Ease. Where the hell did THAT come from? I don't remember buying it. Not only can I not find the yarn I thought I had, I can't find the books I KNEW I had. I had some Pingouin pattern books in my closet. Granted, they were older, but the patterns I had in mind were pretty classic in style. While I try to figure this out, it's back to the socks. I did find some nice patterns on the
Sockbug site that I would like to try. Up til now, I have been knitting a generic sock pattern.

On the home front, Cal went to the vet's yesterday. The stitches from his eye removal came out, and so far, all looks good. It'll look better once all the fur grows back around his eye. I should mention that we have quite a few cats. We have been a foster home, and several of the cats who live with us were considered unadoptable for one reason or another. Some have serious health problems; others are too shy. Several of them are from cat families where quite a bit of inbreeding took place, so they have congenital and chronic diseases. Most of our cats live to ripe old ages; some don't. We do our best with them, and we love them all.

This week, my work schedule has been changed to days. All five days, 7a-3p. This should be interesting. On the bright side, I might be able to finally make a stop at the LYS not too far from where I work. They usually aren't open when I get out of work at 7:30 am. I finally finished reviewing the postpartum module, and did the self test, and now I will spend part of tomorrow reviewing the newborn module and taking that test. Then it's on to reviewing fetal monitoring. I need to order a couple of books from Barnes and Noble.


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