Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Can't Think of a Title for This Post...

I don't think I have too many functioning brain cells left at this point of the week. It was a busy, busy week for me. We had many births this week, and as nursery orientee, I was at nearly all of the ones that occured on my shift. Each birth entails being there for the actual birth, assessment of the baby, taking care of any problems that crop up, and a ton of charting. It's like writing a book for each baby. I spent nearly an hour past the time I was supposed to leave each night there. I got a lot of experience, but, I am really, really fried.

Cal has picked this moment to be super-friendly and lovey. I am trying to type, but he is head butting me and stepping all over the keyboard. He continues to improve and look better each day. I am really happy with his progress. He doesn't seem to miss the eye, but he does have problems with depth perception. Chris was eating chicken the other night, and holding out morsels of it for Cal, who was waving his paw in front of his face. He couldn't seem to locate the exact place the chicken was, so we just put it in front of him - problem solved.

Spooky, on the other hand, is worrying me. He doesn't look well-he is not taking care of his fur, and his ear continues to have an infection in it, despite applications of two antibiotics. His head tilt is somewhat better, so I think if I can get this infection under control, he won't have too much of a permanent problem. The injury to his brachial plexus doesn't seem to have improved, which bothers me. He has been on steroids for two weeks, and I thought I would see an improvement. I guess it is back to the vet for him this week.

I'm coming along nicely on Clapotis. While I love the yarn, and love the colorway, this yarn seems to be a bit "sticky". Each time I drop a stitch, I have to help it ladder itself down to the bottom. It occured to me last night, that if this was an item that I didn't want to ladder, it would probably do so very easily. I was knitting along on my Trekking sock the other night, and realized that I had dropped a stitch about two inches down. I guess I should really count my stitches a little more often. With a little bit of finagling, and a crochet hook, I managed to bring the stitch back up, and wiggle things back into place.

Got some outside work done yesterday. Not as much as I wanted too, but Chris made a dent in the yard. We planted some mountain pinks, and found a new home for some of the other plants. I am working a 12-hour day tomorrow, so there will be no gardening, and very little knitting tomorrow. I have a feeling I'm going to come home feeling like a zombie. I have some new solar path lights; a set with a separate solar panel that can be put in a sunny area. Just what I wanted. I need these for the path up to my front door, which is mostly in the shade. No electric outlet nearby, so can't use the low-voltage lights I have elsewhere. I'll comment on these lights once we have them installed. I hope they work - I'm tired of tripping over things when i come home from work in the dark.

Our Phoebe friend continues to sit on her nest by the front door. She eyes us with a great deal of suspicion and worry each time we come out the door. I was a little concerned last night when I went out to walk the dog, because it was very cold here - cold enough that we had a frost (I'm so glad I resisted the urge to plant tender annuals!). So, I dragged Dusty quickly off the porch and down the path. I didn't want Ms. Phoebe to leave her nest. I don't know if her eggs have hatched yet, but I don't want frozen eggs or baby birds.

Thank God for the Sopranos and Big Love tonight. Mindless knitting while watching tv. I don't know it that'll kill more brain cells, or allow some of the fried ones to rejuvinate.

Oh, I almost forgot. While out shopping yestderay, I found a Nikon Coolpix for $89.99, on final clearance. Wow! A $279.00 camera at nearly $200.00 off! Then, I came to my senses. If something looks too good to be true, it usually is. And so it was. For $89.99, that's all you got. A camera. No cord. No batteries. No book. No case. No memory card.No anything else that usually comes with it. Just a camera. And, a counter demo at that. The young man behind the counter looked at me and said "it isn't worth it". Just what I suspected. So, I am still searching.


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