Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Getting It All Together

I talked to the vet again today. We have determined that Spooky's cancer is below his elbow. It doesn't appear to have metastasized, either. His ribs seem to be clear, and there doesn't seem to be any lymph involvement. I spent last night checking out sarcoma in cats on the web, and I read the experience of Catty at Fig and Plum. So, we have decided to go with the amputation. Spooky has an appointment on Monday morning to have his paw amputated. I know there is a chance this cancer could already have spread, but I really want to do this. He's only four years old, and I don't feel right euthanizing him without at least trying another avenue first. I think he'll do ok with three paws. He's been zipping around the house now for two weeks on only three paws, anyway. And, Calvin, who lost an eye in March to cancer, seems better than ever. He is happy healthy, and very playful. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed here for a good outcome.

We have a family of new squirrels in the tree outside Chris's room. It was fun to watch them this morning. They were running up and down the oak tree, and jumping from that tree to the sweet gum next to it, or jumping into the yew bushes directly under the window. Their antics went on for over an hour. I enjoyed watching these babies explore their world. We've only seen them outside their nest once or twice before this. The picture at the top of this entry is one of the adult squirrels raiding the feeder outside Chris's window. Drives the cat crazy, but the squirrels seem pretty blase about having a cat inches away from them, separated by only a screen.

I started Audrey last night. I've actually knitted about 4-5 inches of the sleeve. I love knitting with the Calmer yarn. I've never used it before, and I've read of others who didn't like it, or had problems with it, but I love it. I love the way it feels - I know it's 75% cotton, but it doesn't feel like a cotton yarn. And, wonder of wonders, I hit gauge with the suggested needles. That almost never happens to me.

I did a lot of planting today. I planted two mini rose bushes in hanging planters - I've done this before, and the bushes eventually hang over the side of the planter. It looks so neat! I planted more of the pots on the front steps, and added more perennials to one of the front beds. I still have the backyard beds to do. i've pulled out a ton of poison ivy, and raked leaves. I still have to pull out the dead rose bushes. I'm going to leave a couple of them in, because they have new growth, and it looks like it might be coming from the proper part of the stem, not from the rootstock. We'll see.


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