Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Pouring Because I Finally Broke Down and Broke out the Hose

Not much knitting since Saturday. Yesterday being Mother's Day and all, I had other things to do. I went out to breakfast yesterday with four of my sons. Breakfast actually turned into brunch, because 27,000 other people all had the same idea we did - let's go to the diner for Mother's day breakfast! Not too bad, actually, and good food, and great company. I love getting together with my kids. They always make me laugh. After breakfast, or brunch, some of them went to work, and some went elsewhere. Chris and I spent the afternoon working on the front yard, and a little on the back yard. I planted impatiens in beautiful shades of picotee pink, white, and a deep violet color. I love this combination. The violet really "pops" at dusk, and the white impatiens just glow. We planted an entire flat of white impatiens along the path under the trees. Now, I hope I can see the path when I come home from work in the dark. Since Chris missed breakfast with us because he was teaching skating, we ordered dinner in. Before we ate dinner, I noticed that the remaining flats of flowers, and some parts of the garden looked a little droopy. We haven't had much rain in the last several weeks. So, i got out the hose and watered the bejeezus out of everything, thus running my water bill up into the stratosphere. And we all know what happened next...

When I woke up this morning it was raining. Really raining. Really, really raining. As in, "oh look, honey, here comes the Ark!" raining. There is nothing like slogging to work at 6:30 in the morning, feeling bleary, and not being able to see anything. Yes. Gets the circulation
going, it does. Especially when you see a very large SUV sail right through a stop sign not too far in front of you. I think we are getting the rain that has been drenching New England. Today we had a hailstorm, along with the rainstorms, which we haven't had in a while. One of my sons was driving home, and said he was just crawling down the street in the car.

Our poor Phoebe is having a heck of a time keeping her eggs in the nest. There is a catbird who keeps stealing the eggs. And I assume since she is stealing the Phoebe eggs, she is laying her own in the nest. This Phoebe could wind up rearing a bunch of catbirds.

I'm going to have to check tomorrow to see which of my plants survived the downpour today. Some of the pots on the porch look pretty beaten, and a lot of the dirt washed out. I hope the impatiens survived. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we wouldn't get a frost in the next few days. (It's happened before), but now I'm hoping these plants don't drown.

Lacy Scallops has been languishing on my desk. I'm too tired to work on the pattern. Clapotis is coming along, although at a very slow rate. I have the next two days off from work, so maybe some actual knitting will get done.


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

All the rain is making me want to curl and knit. Or read. Or blog. But either way . . .


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