Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ribbit, Ribbit...

Spent way too much time at the frog pond this week. Have knitted along on Clapotis, three balls worth, and start thinking, hmm, this thing looks huge. Guess what. It is huge. Although I checked my gauge at the beginning, and was knitting at the correct gauge, I guess I must have relaxed, because it was more than a shawl. Gauge is 19 stitches/4 inches. That's what I started out with, but somewhere along the line, it became 17 stitches/4 inches. Do the math, folks. I did, and it wasn't pretty. So, I spent an entire evening ripping it out, which wasn't easy. Silk Garden is a lovely yarn, but it is a bit, um, fuzzy, so, ripping meant a great deal of cursing was also going on. I finally got it ripped out and wound into a nice neat ball, and now I'm knitting on it again, this time on two-sizes-smaller needles.

Although I signed up for the Amazing Lace along this week, I must have done it in a moment of total insanity. I am also working on Lacy Scallop socks from Sockbug, done in Opal Petticoat. Lacy Scallops started out life as a perfectly respectible pair of normal socks, until I started thinking "hmm, this yarn is too pretty to be a pair of plain stockinette socks. I need to do something else with this stuff". So, masochist that I am, I started Lacy Scallops. I spend more #$%@!! time ripping these suckers than I do knitting them. I knit two rows, rip two rows. I am ready to dropkick these things into the middle of next Thursday. And, just to add to the fun and games, I've decided to knit Creatures of the Reef Shawl for my other project. I'll be easy to find - I'll be the knitter in a straight-jacket, muttering about crabs and fish.

I'm also totally ignoring the fact that I have a partially completed Flower Basket shawl festering in my knitting basket. I love the yarn - Jaggerspun Zephyr. I bought it off ebay, and the picture showed a lighter blue. Well, we all know "different monitors may show colors differently, blah, blah, blah." And how. What I got was NAVY. Navy was not what I had in mind for Flower Basket, but I decided to try it anyway. And, it just isn't doing it for me. So, I have it sitting under a few cats, so I don't have to look at it for a while. (It's in a bag under the cats, so I won't have to pick out a half-ton of cat fur when I make up my mind what I'm doing with it).


At 12:30 PM, Blogger krisknits2 said...

Good luck with your projects. I am going to cast on right now for my Amazing Lace project as DH has taken our son for an afternoon at the mall. Once they return, so does the chaos - not conducive to lace knitting.


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