Sunday, June 25, 2006

Crabs and Seahorses

Well, it has been slow going on the "Creatures of the Reef". I've been working much more than I thought I was going to (four nights a week, which is an extra shift every week). While great for my budget, it is murder on my knitting time. You can't knit when you're passed out. And, as for "Clapotis", well, I did wind a fourth ball, which is sitting on the coffee table, ready for me to start knitting with it. I'm up to row 41 on Creatures, which puts me halfway through the Crabs and Seahorses section. And, as a bonus, I will only have 335 stitches when I finish this section, so things should start going a little faster. I am nearly halfway through Clapotis, so maybe I can finish that one before Labor Day. Aren't I a dreamer?

In other news, it's been the same old boring weather. Rain. More rain. Ands, still more rain. With the occasional Biblical flood thrown in just for interest. Had to detour the other morning when I was coming home from work. You can't drive a Neon through a puddle that is, like, oh, three feet deep. At least the detour wasn't flooded. That happens every now and then, and when it does, getting home is a real crapshoot. It's hard to try to figure out which road may or may not be flooded, which ones are not at a standstill because of said flood and normal rush hour traffic, and god knows what else. Locusts, maybe? At this point, nothing would surprise me. I just know that after a 12-hour shift, my brain is not real willing or able to make coherent decisions about getting home. We just get in the car, point it in the direction of home, and, god willing and the creeks don't rise, we're in the driveway 25 minutes later. And facedown on the bed, passed out, five minutes after that.

It looks like Gremlin, my beautiful blue cat, has developed a hematoma on his ear. I noticed it yesterday evening for the first time. I haven't really seen him in a few days, because I worked three nights in a row. I'll have to call the vet tomorrow to see if we can do anything about it. I guess if we can't he'll wind up looking like Waffles. He's had the little cauliflower ear thing going on for about 10 years now.GremlinWaffles


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