Monday, June 05, 2006

What Did Blogger Do With My Footer??

Hmmmm. Every now and then the footer to my blog disappears. I don't know what causes it; most of the time it's there, sometimes it isn't. Today is one of the isn't days. I have no idea where it goes, or why it goes.

We actually had blue sky this morning. It was nice to see, and I thought I would get out and do some planting. I didn't get a chance to do that yesterday, because the sky looked like this on my way home from work at 7:45 am. It rained on and off yesterday, and came down very hard. My yard currently is very squishy. Walking on the path up to the front door is a dicey trip right now. It's muddy and messy, and if you don't actually slip and slide all the way up the path, you're still going to track mud in the house. Which I get to clean up. Everyhone else says "mud? What mud?" So, anyway, the skies went from this nice blue with puffy white clouds:

to this murky sky: Which is now making a lot more rain,
thunder and lightning outside.

I didn't get too much knitting done yesterday. I just got done working two nights, and I was pretty tired. Slept in and woke up around 4 pm. I wanted to watch the last episodes of "Sopranos" and "Big Love". So, I did a little sock knitting, and just worked on Clapotis some more while watching those two shows. Creatures requires too much of my concentration to work on it while watching tv. I think Clapotis is going to need some serious blocking, at least at the beginning of it. The beginning point is curling up on itself. I'm nearly done with the frogged yarn. I'm going to try to get working on the Creatures of the Reef tonight. It'll be interesting to see if I actually get one or both of these done by Labor Day, or if my project ADD kicks in. And truth to tell, blogging, pictures, and all that goes along with it has cut into my knitting time. I spend a lot of time reading other blogs, time I could be doing my own knitting. Oh well, it's always interesting to see what everyone else is doing, and it does give me ideas for what to knit next (like I actually need any more projects. I'm going to be knitting socks for the next 50 years.)

Megan wants the thunder to stop so she can
continue her nap.


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