Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No Actual Knitting Content

Hi there. I'm back. This is what happens when you find yourself working seven out of nine nights, including five nights in a row. Other parts of your life go to hell. I don't think I have knitted a stitch since my last post. I'm not sure I am going to think of something to use for the next Amazing Lace challenge.

Technically, this blog is about knitting, and Other Things. So, let's check on some of the Other Things, shall we?

First off, my garden. This rose bush is beautiful. It's called "Appleblossom", and the flowers are pink with pale pink and white variations. However, thanks to our never-ending rain, this is what these beautiful flowers look Roses after the rain. like this year. And, this is the type of bush that blooms only once a year, with sporadic flowers throughout the summer, but not anywhere near the entire-bush-covered-with-roses that I get in the spring. Ugh.

And, next up, we have Alex (aka "Fluffypuff") vs. the cat-eating couch. I think Alex lost. Our Golden Retriever likes to hang out on the couch, even though he knows he's not supposed to be there. When he gets on the couch, he likes to wiggle around, and slide the cusions off. I guess Alex was sleeping on the couch during Dusty's last rampage, and this is the result. Alex is a pretty laid back cat, and nothing bothers him too much, as you can see from the pictures.Alex vs. the Cat-Eating Couch

Oh, and last but not least, the Saturday Sky Picture. Taken in the Target parking lot on Saturday afternoon, of an impending storm.


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