Saturday, July 29, 2006

Warning: Lots of Grumbling and Cursing Ahead

I am so friggin' annoyed right now. I just did this really long post, and my computer crashed, or Blogger farted, or something, and I lost the whole damn thing! Now I have to do it all over

I have made considerable progress on my Creatures of the Reef shawl. I am halfway through the first Seafoam section. I'm down to about 150 stitches or less on the needles, and I am zipping along on it. I should be done with it by Labor Day. A Finished Object! I'm really happy about that, because it shows I CAN finish something if I want to. I will have to wait til tomorrow to take a picture of it, because I don't like the way it comes out with the flash, and I've already lost the sunlight, because, oh yeah, it's dark outside.

I got my Saturday Sky picture tonight. I went down to the park to take it, as usual. The sky is kind of reddish and hazy. What's that old saying? "Red sky at night, sailor's delight... Well, maybe the sailors are delighted, but I sure as hell am not. I hate hot weather. I can't wait for fall. I love wearing sweaters, flannel, boots, jeans. I am not a fan of tank tops and shorts. I want blue skys, comfortable temperatures, no humidity. I want to be able to walk from my front door to my car without feeling like I'm having a meltdown. I want my windows open again. Aargh.

I turned 57 on Monday. How the hell did I get to be that old? And why is my life so different from what I thought it would be? I thought by this time, my husband and I would be semi-retired, spending some time together, enjoying our kids, maybe doing a little traveling. The reality is I'm a single mom, just graduated from college, working full time, kids in college, trying to stay afloat. I have a good job, but my husband contributes less and less to our family. What's he doing? Is he working? Doing anything constructive, other than making a million excuses for everything? Who the hell knows. Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that if he told me it was raining, I would walk out side to see if I got wet before I believed him. That's pretty sad, isn't it? You spend 37 years of your life with someone, and then you find out all the deception. I'm tired of working more and more hours each week to make up the deficit. He doesn't even seem to care any more.

I have to take some of my hard-earned cash tomorrow and head out to Sears. Our clothes dryer is in need of repair, but the repair will cost nearly as much as a new dryer, so I'm cutting my losses right now, and getting a new dryer instead. I still need to replace some of my windows, put a fence around my yard, cut down some of my trees (I don't want to lose any trees, but these DO need to come down for safety purposes) before they wind up in my house during a major storm, and do a million other things.

When I walked out the front door tonight, I noticed there were two adult wrens screaming at me. One was on the sidewalk, doing the broken-wing thing. I know other birds do that, but it's the first time I ever saw a wren do it. Then I noticed two baby wrens near the porch. One zipped off into
the pachysandra, and the other clung to the bricks on the side of the porch. The family got together a little later; we saw them at the birdfeeder.

Does anyone have any idea why, when I upload a picture from flickr, I get two of them? This never happened until the last couple of weeks. I don't have a problem with photobucket, I just don't like photobucket, and would prefer to use flickr, but this is driving me nuts.

Looking at all the grumbling I've done in this post, I think it's time for some chocolate.


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