Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well, I finished Something Red last night. Bound it off, tried it on, looked good. Buttonhole placement could have been a bit higher, but not bad. Until I looked at the bottom. Uh-oh. I can live with a lot, and I can block the daylights out of some problems, but I could see this one wasn't going to go away. I bound this sucker off twice, because I felt I was binding off too tightly the first time. Bound off real loosely the second time, nice and stretchy. I guess it wasn' t enough, or I just should have used more stitches in the button band because it pulls up. Badly. So, off to the frog pond. I ripped it out this morning, added eight more stitches, and am working on it again. Hope this does the trick. I won't get too much of a chance to work on it, because I work tonight and tomorrow night, and I really do need to sleep every now and then, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works.

Oh, and this is the yarn for Green Gables. I thought it was a much brighter blue when I bought if off ebay, but it is a more denim-y blue in real life. I can live with it.


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