Monday, September 25, 2006

Ribbit, Ribbit

No, I'm not frogging anything. While watching "War of the Worlds" last night, I put Something Red back on the needles and picked up for the front band. I divided the sweater into eith more-or-less equal parts, and divided the amount of stiches I needed by the same number, and put that many stitches into each sweater division. Saved me a lot of cursing over my normal lets-just-get-the-damned-stitches-on-here way of doing things. I didn't even have to frog back at all. I did the short rows, which I've never done before. I think I learned a few things while knitting them, but they don't look bad, and since this is not going to be a "good" sweater, I'm not sweating it.

Why isn't this going to be a "good" sweater? Well, here's my thoughts on both the pattern and the yarn.

Pattern: Love the pattern. This is a versatile sweater, and easy to knit, too. I really like that I didn't have to sew up seams or put in sleeves. Can we all say "lazy"?

Will I make it again? Yes, yes, yes. I already have the yarn. I learned a few things about the construction, so I expect the second one to go smoother.

How about the yarn I used? Ok, here's where my problem comes in. I used tlc Cottn Plus, which is supposed to be similar to Cotton-Ease. Not. I know Cotton-Ease gets a bad rap, but I think it's a lot nicer than Cotton Plus. Why? Well, I don't know if it was a fluke or not, but every single frickin' ball of Cotton Plus had knots. Note the plural form there. Knots. Not just one, but at least two in every ball. Not happy with havin' knots all over the inside of my sweater. Remember, no seams in this one. Not only that, Cotton Plus has a bit of a sheen, which might put some people off. And, I think it is a bit heavier than Cotton-ease.

Verdict? Pattern, great; yarn, not so much.

Not much else going on. I had three days off in a row from work! How great is that? I needed it, believe me. I don't go back til tomorrow night. Last night, my husband took Eric and Mike (and the rest of the guys) out to dinner for their birthdays. I decided to go too, but just not sit near him. His mother was there, too, and didn't look overly thrilled to see me. Too bad. We went to Friday's. I'm not a big meat-eater, so ordered Key West Shrimp. Citrus sauce, the menu said. Sounds good. Well. After the second shrimp, I noticed my mouth was bursting into flames. I ordered a coffee with cream real quick. By the time it got to me, I was ready to drink the half-and-half right out of those little containers in an effort to douse the flames. I think I had smoke coming out of my ears by that time. I refrained from doing that, and verifying my MIL's opinion that I am an idiot. Fortunately, I like my coffee light, so quickly dumped four little containers of half and half into my coffee, along with some ice cubes from my water so I didn't do any further damage, and drank it quickly. It seemed to work. My eyes uncrossed, and I could feel my tongue again.

Had a little bit of difficulty today putting pictures in this post. One was posted perfectly, the other one refused. And, yes, I do use Firefox almost exclusively. Internet Explorer has a very bad rap in this household. Way too many security issues.

Ending today with a gratuitous cat picture of Gremmie, doing what he does best.


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

Ok... I wont say another word... Other than to tell you that you are doing an awesome job on your sweater!!

BTW ... Have a great week!!


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