Thursday, September 07, 2006

Something Red Progress and Boo-Boos

I've made a fair amount of headway on Something Red. I knitted both the sleeves. Each sleeve took one night and a half a ball of yarn to knit. The bad news is, I'm going to frog both of them. I changed needle sizes while doing the sleeves to get a closer fit, and unfortunately, it really shows. Plus, they are a little longer than I like. They come down slightly over my elbow, and I want them to end just above my elbow, so off to the frog pond. This time, I'll knit the stockinette part in the needle size I used for the body, and knit the ribbing in a smaller size needle. This is a nice knit, and fairly inexpensive, too. So far, I've used less than 3 balls of yarn, and I guess I'll use 3 more. So, what is that? - 6 balls of yarn at $1.99 each? Not bad. Not top quality yarn, but for an everyday sweater, I think it's pretty good.

Not much else going on. I noticed tonight how early the sun sets this time of year. I took some sunset photos at the beginning of August, and they were taken at 8:20 in the evening. Now, it's dark by 8:00. I am SO looking forward to fall. I've been checking out the pick-it-yourself farm for pumpkins (not ready yet), and I'm looking at tossing the plants in my front porch pots - overgrown and spent. We really didn't have a bad summer this year - hotter than hell in July, but I haven't used my air conditioning at all since the first week in August. Not bad, really. I've been sleeping with the windows open at night, and there have been a few nights when I was really chilly. I'm not complaining at all - I love a cool bedroom. Some of the trees are changing already - I'm looking forward to getting some pictures of the fall colors. Absolutely my favorite time of year.

School starting in September has a different meaning for me now. My youngest graduated from high school in June 2005, so we have college. I have one at Rutgers, and another at the local community college. He didn't make out a schedule until the Friday night before school started. And I wonder why I'm getting so grey.


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