Thursday, October 05, 2006


That pretty much sums up how I've felt for the last three days. Eric was home sick for last week with some kind of virus, and it made its way through my house. I felt slightly sick on Monday night, and of course I was on call for eight hours; fortunately, I wasn't called in. Tuesday night, more of the same, and last night, Wednesday, I called out, because I still felt awful, my stomach hurt, and I felt I was in no shape to do patient care. I feel better today. I did manage to make some progress on my sock on Monday, and this morning. I've turned the heel and am heading toward home. With a little luck I might finish this sock this weekend. Oh, maybe not, I forgot, I'm working this whole weekend.

I filled up our birdfeeders over the weekend, and had some visitors yesterday. It takes a few days to really get going. However, I noticed that this morning, the squirrels had managed to knock the suet feeder down from the tree. They never seem to notice I have other food out for them, and go for the suet instead. I haven't seen any cardinals yet. I usually see them at dusk every day. We have wrens that hang out at the feeder. I thought I remembered reading that they prefer insects to feeders, but ours seem to enjoy the feeders more. Maybe they didn't read the book. They have a very annoying, harsh call, so different from the songbirds. I tried getting pictures of the chipmunks in our yard, and their cute antics, but I can't get close enough to them. I need a telephoto lens for my camera before that will happen, I think.

Am knitting still on the Green Gables sweater, but had to rip back because I messed up the lace pattern - never try to knit lace when you're sick - and I'm too irritated to correct it now.


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

Oh your sock is looking good. I am still slowly working on mine. What pattern are you using for your sock?? We have a couple of male and a female cardinal hanging out at our birdfeeder.. plus a lovely bluejay. Which we dont really get them around here anymore. Have you ever seen a blue headed woodpecker before?? Well I hope you get to feeling better soon. I know what it is like being under the weather. I have been fighting off a bug for a while now. Yes I do like to type/write alot and I can be overly friendly sometimes and a pest.. Oh well Get better!!


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