Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Been A While...

since I last posted. I've been working a lot, and sleeping during the day. And, my son was at a concert a few weeks ago, got kicked in the ankle, and wound up with a broken ankle, which necesitated surgery, five screws and a plate in his ankle. And, he has a cast and is on crutches for a while.

I've been trying to figure out my next knitting project. I finished the Cherry
Tree Hill socks, and I have the second sock of the Lorna's Laces sock started. But what to do next? I want to get finished with the Philospher's Wool sweater that I started last year. Actually, I started two of them - one for me and one for Chris. I want to get working on his, first. I still want to work on Audrey, from Rowan.

However, since I've been working so much, things have sort of gone to hell in a handbasket around here.
I don't mind working nights, but when you sleep in the day, and wake up at 3 pm, it doesn't leave much time for doing things. And, I still find it hard to clean at night, so I don't do as much as I should, obviously.

Here's some proof: This is my family room, which is in dire need of a good cleaning. I started tonight after I took these pictures, and I will continue tomorrow. I have a meeting right in the middle of the day, but I can work on it some more when I get back.

Fall seems to be more or less over. We have had several storms in the last week and a half, and they pretty much finished off what little fall color we had this year. The only exception seems to be my japanese maple, which turned a brilliant orange after everything else was de-leafed, and the sky. The sunset is from Nov. 10, and I think it was amazing.


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