Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Blame It On Chris Noth...Or, Why I Shouldn't Knit While Watching "Sex And The City"

Well, I started the "Something Red" in blue over the weekend. I already made this sweater once, in red, and didn't have any major problems knitting it. However, since I started this sweater in blue, I ripped back twice. Last night was the last straw. I found three different knitting mistakes. Aaargh!
You can see all three in these pictures. In the first one, I've managed to move a stitch marker over by one stitch, creating a definite jog in my nice straight line of yarn overs. In the second and third picture, I've managed to twist stitches and leave out a yarn over. Or both. In any event, the result is the same. As I said, I'm blaming it on Chris Noth. I've been watching the first season of "Sex and the City" on HBO on demand for the last couple of nights while I've been knitting, and clearly, my mind was not on my knitting. How could it be? I thought Chris Noth was a hunk way back when he was on Law and Order. I mourned when he left the show. I didn't watch "Sex" when it first came on. I tend to not hop on the bandwagon for "popular" things. (Soprano's was on for a full season before I caught on. And, I watched the second only because my son got me the first season on DVD for Christmas and got me hooked.)Where was I? Oh, yes, screwed up knitting. Mr. Noth is tall, dark, handsome, and a hunk anyway you look at it. I'm not to be blamed for skipping stitches. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Anywho, this is what has become of that particular project. I'll start it again, when I'm ready to devote my full attention to it. But, all is not lost. I started another project today. No, I don't have project ADD, it's a gift for someone. I do need to get it done fairly quickly. A pair of socks, done in Cherry Tree Hill "River Run", a nice blend of purple, blue, green and brownish-gold. And, you'd better believe these are for someone who means a lot to me, especially if I'm giving up a skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. And, I used my new ball-winder and swift for the first time today to wind this yarn. Wow! I was amazed at how easy it was, compared to my old drape-the-skein-of-yarn-over-my-feet-method. I wound it up in just a few minutes. The only mistake I made was losing track of the beginning of the yarn, so I have to unwind from the outside. Oh well. Live and learn - next time, I'll leave a longer end, and keep track of it.

Mr. B at Christmas. He was a good boy - he was outside the tree. However, he did give this ornament a good whack, and knock it off the tree seconds after I took this picture.


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