Monday, January 29, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow...But Not On The Damn Roads, Please!!

When I went to work last night, the prediction was for a "light dusting to one inch" of snow. And, it was snowing very lightly. Just a few flakes here and there. Later in the evening, though, visitors were coming in with tales of slippery roads and lots of snow. Uh-oh. I still need new tires on my car. Not much I can do about that now. So, I just hope for the best, and when the sun starts coming up in the morning, we can see a little more. The first thing I see are trucks plowing the top of the parking garage. Not a good sign. When the day shift starts trickling in, we hear different reports. "Very slippery." "Not bad at all." "Roads not plowed." "Great roads, just wet." Apparently, it depended on where you were.

So, I leave work, get out of the garage, and see that things don't look too bad here. I did get stuck when I had to stop for a schoolbus, and couldn't get started again. I guess I was on a patch of ice. I finally managed to get going, and decided to stick to the main roads. I don't usually take them, because there is so much traffic, but I heard that they were pretty good. Well, they were mostly clear, at least in the left lane, but the right lane was slushy in places, in fact, a lot of places. Everyone in the left hand is traveling at top speed, which I don't want to do, because a: I don't want to get a ticket, and b: I still have crappy tires. So, I opt for the side roads. That started out pretty well, but pretty soon, I felt like I was traveling on four flat tires. Packed down slush tends to be bumpy. About a mile on, the road was clear, just wet, and I could zip along pretty well. All of a sudden the road was full of snow and slush, and really slippery. It looked like the plows had decided to not even bother. The rest of the trip home was like that - white knuckle driving. Yuk.

On the bright side of this, it did look like a winter wonderland. All the snow was still on the tree branches, and it was just beautiful. The sun was coming up, and it looked like millions of diamonds sparkling in the trees and grass. I didn't have my camera with me, and even if I did, I'm not sure I would have had the presence of mind to fire off a few photos. My backyard was gorgeous. There were a lot of tracks in the snow - no pristine snow here. I think Dave had Dusty out in the yard last night, and there were a million squirrel tracks, and a few deer tracks. The deer have figured out that I put out Critter Mix for the squirrels, and they devour it every chance they get. Great. I have the squirrels raiding the bird feeders, and now I have the deer raiding the squirrel feeders.

Almost done with the socks. I'm just about to where I have to decrease for the toe. I had planned to sleep til about 1 this afternoon, but I was so tired that plan went to hell, and I didn't get up until about 4, so I didn't get as much knitting done as I thought I would. I'm still trying to figure out my next project. I really need to work on Chris's sweater, but there are so many other things I want to start - like I need any more projects hanging around. Plus, I have been working my way through the boxes in my bedroom, and have come up with several unfinished quilting projects. A new sewing machine is in the works for the next few weeks, so I can hear these quilting projects calling me, too.


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