Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My New Year's Resolution Is....

to quit spending so much damn time on Flickr and quit playing minesweeper, and pay more attention to my blog. So, with that in mind, here I am again, for the second time in three days. Not bad.

However, that means I have to have something to blog about. That means I have to do some actual knitting. And of course, that means I have to be able to find my actual knitting. Truthfully, I can find the knitting I intended to do, I just can't find the book with the pattern. I saw it before Christmas, so I'm assuming that it just got moved around, and will show up again after I put the Christmas stuff away. So, just because I don't have nearly enough UFO's hanging around, I decided to start another one. What you see here is the baby beginnings of another "Something Red". In blue. I already made one in red, and I was less than thrilled with it. No, not the pattern, the yarn. I made the red one in TLC Cotton Plus, and while the cotton part was fine, I was underwhelmed with the Plus part. Too shiny, too limp. I'm making this one out of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. I know, I know, Lion Brand blah blah blah. Bite me. If you don't like it, that's fine. I've made a couple of things out of it, and was pleasantly surprised at this yarn. I don't like cotton yarns as a rule, because they grow. I hate making a hip-length sweater, and having it become a knee-length sweater in a short amount of time. I've made acrylic sweaters, and while they do have a place in my wardrobe, I'm not crazy enough about them to wear them all the time. But, add a little acrylic to cotton, and suddenly the cotton behaves much better. And, I love this blue. It's a sort of royal blue, without being the in your face color so many royal blues are. And, I love blue anyway. I try to expand my colors, to wear and make things out of other colors, but I keep coming back to blue.

I've also been doing a little reading, and watching a little tv. I saw United 93 a few weeks ago, on PPV. I was surprised at this movie. it was so much better than I thought it would be. No "love story" crammed in there, no Bruce Willis-type hero. It was done in real time, and in a documentary style. I didn't think I could stand seeing it, but I'm glad I did.

Just finished reading the Great Hurricane of 1938, about the hurricane that hit Long Island, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. No one knew it was coming, and it was a disaster. Kind of hard to believe, when nowadays we hear endless reports every time there is a storm of any size.

And, I read 102 minutes, which happens to be about people trying to get out of the Twin Towers after the aircraft hit, and before they collapsed. Once again, an amazing read. I read it in two nights.

I just remembered, I need to wind a ball of yarn for the last sock in my "socktoberfest" knitting. I knitted one pair, and one sock out of the second pair, and then got busy for the holidays. And, thanks to my kids, I can wind a ball of yarn quicker. I got a ball winder and a swift for Christmas. Yay!! Now I don't have to drape a skein of yarn over my feet, and wind from there. That is a tedious and boring process, and god forbid I should have to get up before I finish. Turns into a real mess.

Megan says "Get off the #$%@!& computer and pay some attention to me!"


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