Monday, March 26, 2007

One Year

Well, yesterday, March 25, was my one year anniversary on blogger. A lot has changed in that time. I graduated from school, have a better job, and hopefully a better life, although it seems like my ex is determined to see this doesn't happen. And, this has evolved from a strictly knitting blog to more of a commentary on whatever craft I happen to be doing. I still knit a lot, and love knitting, but the Great Bedroom Excavation unearthed projects from long ago and far away, and made me realize how much I love doing this stuff.

Right now, I'm having a debate (with myself, naturally), about the best way to finish off a "Birds in Air" quilt. I located 77 finished blocks, plus the makings for many more, and I know I originally planned this quilt using a white material with blue flowers for the other half of the blocks. I recently found three yards of black material, and I love the way the blocks look on it, and I am sorely tempted to go with that. What's stopping me is the fact that I have another quilt planned with a black background, in the Amish style, and I'm having fun collecting clear solid colors for this quilt. I'm not sure I want two quilts with black backgrounds. Oh, yeah, and I still have the original magazine picture showing the birds in air done like I had originally planned to do it, and I love the look. Decisions, decisions.

I have not posted in a couple of weeks because of technical difficulties. Huh? technical difficulties?? Yeah, when I signed in on blogger a few weeks ago, I had about five minutes before I had to go to work. I figured, eh, a quick post, and my Saturday Sky picture. The fates and blogger had other things in mind for me. Blogger is switching everyone over, and you have to have a google account. Well, I'm not in a hurry to switch, and I don't have a google account. And, I don't especially want one either. Blogger would not let me off the page that insisted I had to change my account now. Well, my five minutes had already run out, so I figured I'd deal with it later. A couple of days later, I managed to get on to my dashboard just fine, so I started to post, and my frickin' computer crashed! Crap. by that time, my son was home, and bugging me to let him get on the computer. I can't do a blog post like that, so I gave up again. Then, real life and work intervened, and the rest is history, so here I am two weeks later doing my post. And, here is the Saturday Sky post from two weeks ago.

We had another storm on Friday, March 16. "Just an inch of snow, and some rain" was pretty much what they said on the tv. Well. It took be 50 minutes to make a 25 minute drive that night on iced-over roads. At least most of them had been sorta plowed, with the glaring exception of Princeton. What the hell gives with that town? I've never seen roads that bad in my life. I know they have a snowplow, they just don't use it. Getting home the next day was another adventure. Once again, Princeton's roads were horrendous, West Windsor's roads had been haphazardly plowed, and when I reached our township, it was amazing. I felt like I was in one of those pictures where the sun is coming out, blue sky, angels playing trumpets, little bunnies hopping around, you get the picture. Our roads were clear from curb to curb, with no slush anywhere on the driving surface. And because the sun was coming out, miracle of miracles, the roads were actually drying up! Jeez, I pay a buttload of taxes for the privledge of living in this town, and sometimes, it's actually worth it.

Alex knows which quilt setting he likes best. He's voted for the black background. Shows up his white fur nicely.


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