Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Would The Real Spring Weather Please Hang Around??

I don't know what to expect from the weather anymore. So far, we had several days of nearly 80 degree weather, and then a snow-ice-sleet storm, then more warm weather, then, cold weather. Yesterday was just beautiful, as shown by my Ice Follies daffodil, and today, it was cold, with torrential rain. The rain has stopped now, but it's forecast to be cold for the next few days, right up through Easter, and with possible snow showers!

I've been knitting on Audrey, and finished one sleeve last night. I cast on for the second sleeve today, and if I hadn't spent to much time blog-slogging, I would have made more progress. I do plan to do more tonight. I'm off from work for the next few days, so I should have a bit of time to knit.


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