Saturday, May 05, 2007

What I Did Today and Saturday Sky

This is how I spent my Saturday:

That's my middle son, Jon, graduating from Police Academy as a Class I officer. This is for his summer job this year. If he continues on in this capacity, he'll be back here again for another graduation.

The last two pictures are of two Russian Orthodox Churches in Cassville, NJ along Route 571. Passed these today on our way to (and back from) Seaside Heights. I'm not sure of the name of the first church, but it is located on Rova Farms, a sort of resort with a lake, and oddly enough, a combination store and bar located on the other end of the church lot. The last church is St. Vladimirs. Both are lovely to look at, and I'm sorry we could not stop to take these pictures, but I have to work tonight, and he has to study for finals, so we had to take them on the fly. Sorry about the wires and telephone poles. You win some, you lose some. I kind of like the last picture, even with the wires.

I'm still working on Audrey, but I'm beginning to dislike this project a lot. The sleeves were fine, even though I had to shorten them (and I have long arms!), but the body is driving me bats. I don't like the way the decreases look. I've frogged several times, trying to come up with something acceptable, but no dice so far. Stay tuned. Either a finished sweater or a nervous breakdown is next.


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