Saturday, July 07, 2007

Roasting My A** Off

Well, this has been fun. About two weeks ago, I was home sick. It was a 90+ degree day, so I had the air conditioning on. Later in the afternoon, I started feeling awfully hot. Fever? No, my temp was 97.6, which is about right for me. Uh, oh. Checked the a/c, and sure enough, it's not working. Call the repairman, who shows up two sweltering days later, only to tell me my a/c cannot be resuscitated. Can you give me an estimate? No, that has to be done by someone else. So a few more sweltering days later, someone else shows up to give me a $4400 estimate for a new a/c system. Aargh. Naturally, by this time, it's 4th of July week, and no one will come out to give me an estimate. Fortunately, we had a stretch of nice weather, but that's ending. It's hot today, and hotter tomorrow and Monday. Stay tuned.

Here's my Saturday sky picture. Don't be fooled by the beautiful blue sky. The humidity is low, but the temp is hot. I'm standing in the shade to take this. don't feel like roasting off any more body parts than I have to.

I'm still plodding away on Audrey, and my second sock of my unnamed Opal. I'm almost down to the toe, so I should finish tonight. As for Audrey, well, I don't know. I kind of see this becoming a UFO, but since I have both sleeves done, and nearly half of the front, I've got to try to finish this. I hate dumping a project when I have so much invested in it, timewise. And, that Rowan Calmer ain't cheap, either.

So, since its 90 degrees outside, what am I thinking of? Scarves of course. I saw a picture of Flickr of a beautiful scarf, pattern from Last minute knitted Gifts, made from Blue Moon mediumweight yarn in Watermelon Tourmaline and Farmhouse. As luck would have it, Blue moon still had both these colorways in stock, so I bought them, and will make this scarf. I so want to cast on tonight, but I really don't need another started project, so I'm swearing I will finish at least the opal sock first.


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