Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NaBloPoMo In My Sleep

One of the reasons I own a truck. That's 80 pounds of kitty litter, 40 pounds of dog food, 20 pounds of cat food, plus 48 cans of cat food, and severl other items as well.

One of our sweet gums and an oak tree, doing their best during this disappointing fall.

Here it is November 7, and my impatiens are still blooming. This picture was taken a week ago, but they still look great. They've usally gotten frost-bitten by this date.

Well, here it is 3:45 in the afternoon, and I'm blogging without a thing to say. I just woke up 45 minutes ago, and most of my brain cells seem to have not gotten the message yet. They're still asleep. My sleep time was cut into this morning by an unfortunate broken down car (no, not mine, thank goodness). However, the effect was the same. This particular car had given up the ghost on an extremely narrow bridge over the train tracks in Princeton Junction. This bridge is barely wide enough to squeeze two cars over it on a good day, and this morning was not a good day. The car in question broke down three cars ahead of me and blocked our entire lane. The other lane is full of cars heading toward the train station, and they are in a big hurry to get there. They're not stopping to let the few cars stuck behind the broken-down car around. God forbid. This route is a nightmare in the morning and the evening, but I'm headed against the traffic, thank goodness. So, here we are, stuck behind this car, with a steady stream of cars zooming by on our right. (edit: That should be LEFT. I told you I was tired, didn't I??) The guy behind me finally flips out, and jumps out of his car, and starts yelling at the occupants of the broken-down car, and the truck that has now pulled over in front of it to assist, that someone needs to direct traffic. I'm wondering where the police are, because I KNOW several people called them. Finally, someone (not Mr. Melt-down) walks out and holds up the line of oncoming traffic, and I'm able to scoot around the car and off the bridge. As I'm driving past the monumental traffic jam heading toward the bridge, my question about the police is answered. They, like everyone else, are stuck in traffic. And, since this road is extremely narrow, and under construction to boot, there is no question of them driving around it. Unless they manage to sprout wings.

I got home much later than usual, and got to sleep much later than usual. And, true to form, Gremlin decides this is a good morning to need to use the litter box or whatever the hell is that he does, much more often. Me: zzzzzz. Gremlin: Meow. Meow. Me: ZZZZZZZZ. Gremlin: Mrrrf. Meeeeoww. Mrrrfffff. MRRRRFFFFF! MEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!! Me: (staggering out of bed, to open door): "&**%%^@#$ cat!!!" This was repeated in reverse, five minutes later, when he wanted to get back in. The ENTIRE scenario was repeated at least three times during the 5 1/2 hours I managed to sleep. It's going to be an industrial-sized vat of coffee for me tonight at work.

Heh. Needless to say, I did not knit a stitch last night, and probably won't tonight either.


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