Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Short One Today

Pirate flip-flops and falling leaves - taken earlier in October when it was in the high80's!

My great great great granduncle's grave in West Long Branch, NJ. General during the Civil war, Secretary to President Grant, Ambassador to France. When he died in 1921, it took up the entire front page of the New York Times.

Palm trees on the beach in Long Branch, taken October 20. Palm trees in New Jersey? Yup!

Because today I start my three-in-a-row work days. Twelve hour shifts, three days in a row. Not as bad as it sounds, because I know pretty much all I will be doing is eating, sleeping, and working (and blogging, too, I guess, because I made a commitment here!)

I knitted three whole rows on my Philosopher's wood sweater last night. I'm actually kind of embarrassed to say that, because I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and I had a lot of time to make some progress. Did I take advantage of that? Nope. I farted around all day on the web, and played about a million games of Spyder. Oh, and I did run out to Sears - my PITA vacuum broke another belt. Get all the way out there, and find I don't have the right model number. No one else is home, so it wound up being a wasted trip, except that I took a quick detour over to the treadmills, and found a couple that I'm interested in. Didn't buy - just looked and went home and checked out reviews on the web. And, I'm so glad I did - the one I really liked turns out to be a dud. There were so many reviews saying the console crapped out after a month. If I'm going to drop big bucks on something like this, I want it to last.



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