Thursday, November 29, 2007


That's Gremlin doing a near-perfect catloaf thing in front of the computer. He wanted some attention. If I'm not adoring him 24 hours a day it's not enough.

I worked a little more on the second sleeve. I finished the ribbing and started moving up through the patterns. I won't get too much more done on it for the next couple of days, because I have to work. Fair Isle is something I don't take to work with me, because it requires too many balls of yarn. I like a project that is more portable than that. Anyway, I think we're really busy, and I'm probably going to have postpartum tonight. When I showed up there yesterday afternoon to complete my educational competencies, the first thing they asked is if I'd like to work that night. Uh, no. My kids were home, and I was actually cooking dinner for them for a change. Didn't want to back out of that.


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