Monday, November 05, 2007

Yay!! Some Actual Knitting Content!!

Woo-hoo!! An entire cuff to my sweater. Maybe I'll get this one done before I retire.

Some of the color on one of my Sweet Gum trees.

Gremlin approves of the new pillow I so thoughtfully wound for him.

"I have what on my tongue??" Dustry grabs half the yard everytime he gets his frisbee.

After winding up 22 balls of Philosopher's wool yesterday afternoon, I figured it would be a good idea to actually knit some of it. So, after searching 20 minutes for size 4 double pointed needles, I came up with 3 of them, so I (gasp!!) used 3 size 4's and one size 3. I know purists are probably fainting, but it worked for me, so I don't care. The ribbing fits, and I'm up to the point where I'm increasing 20 stitches and moving on to the actual sleeve.

Funny thing is, this isn't the colorway I thought I bought. It appears to be black and blue, but I thought I bought the Peacock. Oh, well. I still like it.

I'm on call tonight, and I'm praying that I don't get called in. I still feel lousy. And I'd like to knit a little.

And, in health and fitness news, I dragged myself out to look at treadmills. Since I work nights, and sleep at weird hours even on my nights off, I haven't really been getting out for exercise like I used to. I don't really feel like going for a four mile walk in my neighborhood at 1 am. Plus, winter is coming up, and I managed to fracture an ankle three years ago, and don't feel like doing that again, so a treadmill seems to be a good idea. My somewhat porky Golden could use a little exercise, too, so this might be a good idea for him too. Treadmills do everything nowadays. I looked at some really amazing ones, ones that cost as much as my first brand-new car (ok, that was thirty years ago, but you get the picture....)

We actually had a nice fall day today. In the 60's, nice blue sky, light breeze. Too bad we're supposed to get rain tonight and colder weather tomorrow.

Oh, yeah. After muttering last night about nothing being on tv, I turned on the tv, and there was my favorite show, and the ONLY reality show I watch - The Amazing Race. I love this show. I was watching it way back when it started, when everyone was saying "The Amazing What??" Unfortunately, I'm scheduled to work for the next several Sundays, and I don't have a VCR or a DVR at this time. And, it's not on On Demand, either. Rats!!


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