Monday, December 03, 2007


Well, I know I missed two days, but that was mostly because I'm having trouble sleeping again, and have fallen into a somewhat distressing (to me) sleep pattern, and because we had an unscheduled flood in the bathroom on Saturday morning.

Got home from work on Saturday morning, and found Chris mopping up the bathroom. Apparently, the sink in the hallway bathroom was leaking for a while, and just collected enough water underneath, or the leak got bigger, can't figure which, and he found a flood on the floor when he got up. Naturally, the shelf under the sink is now ruined, too, all warped and messy, and I have to find someone to come out and fix the damn thing. I tried. I called an emergency plumber on Saturday morning, who said he'd be out between 1 and 4 to give me an estimate. Great. Only, 1-4 passes, and I get a call saying they're running late, and can they come tomorrow morning between 10-1? I tell them ok, but I'm going to dinner, so please don't be late. Heh. Get another call, the truck broke down, and they're trying to find someone. I remind them of my dinner obligation. Finally someone shows up at 3:30, gives me a $872.00 estimate. Glahhh! For a leaky sink!!?? Oh, and it'll take three hours to fix. Great. I'm going out to dinner in two hours. I tell them no way, and then they remind me of the service fee to come out, payable if I don't have them do the repair. I remind them they were supposed to be here yesterday, and I refuse to pay the service fee. Then I call the company and tell them, nicely, how I feel. So now, I'm back to square one. Crap.

I'm knitting away on sleeve #2. I didn't take a picture of it, because, get this, it looks just like sleeve #1. I'll take another picture when something interesting happens. I'm already planning another project. I have two more Philosopher's wool sweaters, but I'm going to break it up with something else. Haven't decided what. More on that later.

I was talking to one of the other nurses the other day, and I think she put her finger on why I feel so exhausted after a night of postpartum. She mentioned that her boyfriend doesn't understand how emotionally exhausting it is to take care of 8 or 10 people who need you for 12 hours. I love nursing, but I have to agree, it is like she says. I can have a busy night in the nursery, but when I do postpartum, I feel exhausted at the end, even if I wasn't that busy.

We had the world's smallest snowstorm early sunday morning:

Nothing much going on today, except it's insanely windy. I want to put up the rest of my Christmas decorations, but it's a bit windy for that.No snowdrifts, but a nice leafdrift between the cars.


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