Thursday, December 27, 2007

Getting Warmed Up.

That does not refer to the weather outside, although it's cold and rainy, and generally unpleasant. It refers to Blog365, which like an idiot, I have committed to. That means 365 posts for the next year - yup, once a day, excluding Leap Day in February. What the hell, I may throw caution to the wind and blog that day, too.

Haven't been doing much (any) knitting lately. I haven't had the time. Before Christmas I was working, shopping, wrapping. Yesterday, I spent taking care of my son's cat, shopping for wrapping paper, tree ornaments, what-have-you. Last night, a long string of lights on my tree conked out. Changed fuses, wiggled bulbs, everything I could think of. Nada. No light. Unwound it from the tree and tossed it. I figured I could pick up another strand today at the after-christmas sales. Heh. Not a chance of that. All that was left were funky lights - chili peppers and such, or strands in just one color. All I wanted was either 50 or 100 multi mini-lights, but there weren't any. Oh well. Just re-arranged the lights on the tree to more or less cover the gap.

After I wasted half the day doing that, I baked. Lots. I made four different kinds of cookies today

Top to bottom: Chocolate dipped sliced almond cookies, French Buttercream Cookies, Sugared Almond Bars, and Mocha-Cinnamon Melts.


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