Sunday, December 09, 2007


Gee, less than a week and a half out of NaPoBloMo, and I've stopped posting already. Shame on me! I was working for three of those days, but I have no excuse for the rest of them.

Started putting up the Christmas lights this week. Chris put up the major outdoor lights, and I did around the front door with garland and lights, and finally got them to work. I have the window boxes done, but can't find the extension cord or the little doo-hickey that screws into the light socket so I can plug the extension cord in. It's been cold, clammy and damp, and I don't really feel like getting into the garage to find them.

I finally got my new air conditioning system in, and a new thermostat, that actually sets the temp. Before, I had my thermostat set at 62 degrees, but I knew it wasn't 62 degrees in this house - I was wayy too comfortable!

Been knitting along on the Philosopher sleeve #2. I only have three more patterns to finish on that sleeve, and then I'll start on the body, and see if I can figure out steeks. From the looks of the yarn I have left, I'll have more than enough to finish the body. It looks like Philosopher's wool is very generous with their yarn kits.

I also put in an order to SpinBlessing for some Dale of Norway Wool. Last winter, I bought some Dale yarn, but I don't have enough to make a sweater. So, now I do. I'm wondering if I want to put this next in the line-up. I have a few extra Dale booklets I'm thinking of putting up for sale. I can't believe how much these things go for on ebay.

I finished reading the Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. I am not really a big sci-fi fan, but I loved this book. It was an excellent read, very engrossing. I have another of her books - "To say nothing of the dog" - so we'll see how that one goes. Right now, on my nightstand, I have "..And the Ladies of The Club" by Helen Hoover Santmeyer. I read this many years ago, and am enjoying this reread. It starts with a womens club founded in 1868, and continues up through the years, up to the 1930's.


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