Monday, December 10, 2007


No, not really. Just kind of fair-isled out at the moment. What am I talking about? I've put my Philosopher's wool sweater on hold for a day or two. I half half a pattern (about 6 rows)left to finish the sleeve, but I wanted something that requires a little less counting. Enter Clapotis, part 2. I did Clapotis in a brown-bronze-grey-black Noro Silk Garden, which I love, (although I am thinking of frogging it and making it bigger.)

This is Noro Silk Garden in Shade 008, dye lot R. Here's my problem. I only bought 7 skeins of this, which is what it took to make the first Clapotis - which I now think is too small, which means this one will be too small. There is quite a bit of this color for sale on ebay, but not in my dye lot (at least yet).

I can certainly make more aggravation for my self than I need, can't I?

Got a fair bit of Christmas shopping done today, thanks to a canceled meeting at the hospital. I hate driving out there to find that it's been canceled, but at least it was close to where I was shopping, so it wasn't entirely wasted.


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