Thursday, January 24, 2008

"B" Is For...

Not klutz, that's for sure. Tuesday night I managed to break the soap dish in the bathroom, and while picking up the pieces, I managed to really get a deep gash in my thumb. I didn't even notice said gash til a few minutes later, while I was brushing my teeth, and wondered why blood was running down my hand. Ow!

I tried knitting last night, but between the bandaid, and the awkward way I had to hold my hand, it took me over an hour to knit a row. So, not much progress on the knitting front.

So, while "B" is for bandaids and boo-boos, there are two of my "B" pictures for the ABC Along:

My much loved and very comfortable Frye boots. You're never too old for these! And no, I don't ride a motorcycle!

Books. I love to read. I don't care if it's a paperback, hard cover, or even an audiobook. I love them all. The audiobooks are great while I'm on my treadmill. My cd player plugs into a little adaptor on the treadmill, and I can hear it through the speaker on the treadmill. Makes it easier to stick to that resolution! This group of books just happens to be mostly sci-fi or fantasy, with the exception of Memoirs of a Geisha, and 102 Minutes, which is about the 102 minutes between the twin towers being struck, and when they finally fell, told from the perspective of people in and out of the towers. A most heartbreaking book.


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