Thursday, January 03, 2008


It's really cold here! When I left work this morning, it was 15 degrees, and the wind made it feel like 5 degrees. Certainly the coldest we've been since last winter. I don't mind much, because I like colder weather, and anyway, by this weekend, it's heading back into the 40's and 50's, and it's supposed to be near 60 by next week.

Now that I'm done with the weather report, I do have some progress to show on Clapotis. I started this because I was so busy with holiday stuff I put my Philosopher Wool sweater on hold, because I didn't want to worry about messing up fair isle. Now, I have a choice. Do I finish up this Clapotis, or go back to the sweater? Either way, I have another UFO. I'm kind of leaning toward finishing the sweater, but I think I'll knit a little on Clapotis tonight, because I think I messed up the count, and I want to check that out while it's fresh in my mind.
You can see I've started the drop stitch part, which is kind of fun, and would be even more fun if this yarn dropped willingly. I'm using Noro Silk Garden, which is a beautiful yarn, but it is kind of "sticky", and resists dropping, so this can be a time-consuming endeavor. I think of all the projects I've knitted where I didn't want to drop stitches, but let one of those puppies fall off the needle, and down it went. Neither one of these pictures is a true representation of the colors; they are a bit more saturated in real life, but I love these jewel tones. Don't ask me where I'm going to wear this.


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