Wednesday, January 16, 2008

F@*#ing Paypal

Damn, I am so friggin' aggravated right now. I just spent an hour on the phone with the a**holes at paypal. Why? Well, I finally decided to buy a new camera - Canon S5 IS. Went to - used them before, been very happy with the service. I clicked on paypal (I don't use credit cards), and expected things to go from there. Well, they certainly went, alright - straight to hell. Paypal would not process the transaction unless I added a credit card to verify my address. Hell, I've already paid extra to have my account verified so I wouldn't have to use a credit card. Got on the phone with Paypal - went through that nitwit talking creature at the beginning of the call. I hate those things - they can't understand what you are saying, and it takes forever to get through. Anyway, I finally get through to a real person - and things didn't get any better.

No one could really explain why I was having problems, but all I kept getting from them was that by some obscure formula, they had decided that this transaction was too risky without a credit card, so I had to put a credit card on my account. Well, I DON'T have a credit card. Oh, sorry, you can't use paypal for this transaction, then. What?? I have the money in my checking account, am I a risk? No, I'm not the risk. Is it BuyDig, then?? Uh, no, they're not the risk either. Well, who the hell IS the risk? Oh, well, no one in particular, it's just our formula indicates this is a risky transaction.

It went on and on like that. I was so aggravated. There was never a good explanation, just some vagueness about "risk". Whose risk is anyone's guess. The people I talked to tonight all sounded like they have IQ's that approximate their shoe sizes. Appalling grammar, the whole nine yards. I talked to several people, going up the ladder, and no one seems to care. Same vague answers everywhere. Christ.

I'm off to to add my complaint.

And, I still don't have my camera.


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