Friday, January 18, 2008


Last night, I ripped back through the ribbing for the body of my sweater to correct the color stripe. Today, I finished knitting the ribbing, and am just now starting on the body itself. It's amazing how much you get done when you don't have a car. Chris took my car to work today, because his his getting some work done, so I'm stuck in the house. Aside from going through Dunkin' Donuts withdrawal, I've actually accomplished stuff. Cleaning up after the cats (neverending), laundry, knitting, made a cake for dessert, all sorts of stuff. I even managed to get some interesting pictures of Mr. B, while fiddling around with my camera.

I thought we were finally going to get some winter weather last night. It started snowing late in the afternoon, and continued at a good clip. Roads were covered, yard was covered, and we had thick white flakes coming down for a while. Alas, it was not to be. The snow switched over to rain, and everything turned to a slushy mess. When I woke up this morning, we had quite a lake in my neighbor's back yard. I can only imagine how much snow we would have had.


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