Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yesterday was the last official day of my vacation. Although I don't go back til tonight, I still have it looming over my head today. I don't even have the advantage of knowing what I'm walking into tonight. Is it crazy? Are we short-staffed, with a full unit? Are there 9 women in labor, all ready to go at the same time? Or is is under control, with a reasonable amount of patients, and full staff? Who knows?? I'll find out when I walk through the door. I could call, I guess, but that would kill the suspense.

I spent way too much time last night on the computer, and only knitted for a couple of hours. I finished the first pattern of the body, and am starting on the second pattern today. The body is 260 stitches around, and I must say, I am really enjoying knitting this. As I said in yesterday's post, the two-handed knitting makes this a breeze. It's nearly as fast as regular knitting, as long as I remember to get my colors down correctly.

According to the weather pixie on the right side of my page, it's 23 degrees outside. What she doesn't tell me is that the wind chill is 8. Brrr! I can only imagine how it's going to feel when I go to work tonight. Instead of drinking it, I may want to sit in that extra-large cup of hot coffee I take to work with me each night. I have to dig my favorite hat out of the closet, because it looks like I'm finally going to need it this winter.


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