Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not The Best Use Of My Time

I got a surprise last night. I got a night off, with pay, from work. Turned out we were overstaffed (which doesn't happen very often!), so I took the night as a vacation day (night?). I figured I would use the time to knit on my Philosopher's sweater, and really make some progress.

So, I did knit. A lot. Trouble was, I just kept getting the count wrong. Two black, two blue. How hard is that? Beyond my capabilities, apparently. I would knit along, two black, two blue, and then throw in two black and four blue, or four black and two blue. You get the picture. Rip back, try again. Then, somewhere along the line, I picked up an extra stitch, just to add to the fun. By the time I had all this straightened out, I managed to finish just that one peerie pattern. Aaargh. No picture of my knitting today, because, honestly, it doesn't look all that different. That peerie pattern was only eight rows.



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