Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"C" Week Continues...

My new camera. I ordered this on Monday night, and it arrived this afternoon. i didn't even pay for fast shipping. I ordered 7-10 day delivery! I've been very happy with this place. I've ordered cameras from them before, and the customer service is super, delivery is super-fast, and the whole experience is painless.

I've been wanting a new camera for a while. Basically, I was looking for a better zoom than I have on my Powershot 540, which is 4x, and 6 mp. This camera is 8mp, and 12x zoom. I've already been taking pictures from inside the house, and managed to catch some nice bird pix. I can't go outside today because a) I'm still sick, and b) we've pretty much ran the gamut in weather in the last 24 hours. Snow yesterday afternoon, an ice storm last night, and today, torrential rains. We have flooded roads, accidents everywhere, and a giant mess. I'm not sure how much traffic is actually moving in NJ right now.

I was also looking at a Nikon D40, which my brother wanted me to get, but it wasn't really in my budget. Sigh. Maybe next year, or the next.

And, of course, chocolate. I love Lindor truffles. Trouble is, so do my sons. I've been looking for these all day, and I think those munchmouths ate them!


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