Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New! New! New!

For anyone who has read this blog even semi-regularly, they'll know that I love chocolate. I found this little goodie today while picking up milk at my local WaWa (think 7-11 or Quickie Mart). it's a TastyCake Chocolate Lover's Pie. For anyone not in the Philadelphia region, Tastycake makes cupcakes, Butterscotch Krimpets, and a host of other not-very-good-for-you stuff. Maybe not so good for you, but necessary all the same. This is a chocolate crust, filled with dark chocolate filling, and slathered with chocolate icing. Enough chocolate for you? How good is this? Not bad, actually. Now, I have to go get on my treadmill for a while, because this was 350 calories.

I didn't get as many of my crochet motifs done last night as I thought I would. I did a few, and then picked up my Philosopher's wool sweater. After a round or two, my left index finger started to hurt. A closer look revealed a small slit on the tip of my finger. I looked at the tip of the needles and saw a bit of the coating had come loose, and was sticking up just a millimeter or two, just enough to put a small slice into the tip of my finger. I need to get new needles in this size before I do any more on this sweater, and give my aching finger a day or two to recover.


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