Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unfrozen, And Saved By The Bell

We had snow earlier this week, but are thawing out big time today. Rain, warm temperatures make for a soggy, muddy, slippery yard. I can't use the path to the front door; it's like quicksand.

While on the treadmill yesterday, I spotted the box of Dale Heilo yarn. Uh-oh. I started to get that itch again - the one I get when I think "I just want to see what that yarn looks like then it's knitted, so maybe I'll cast on and just see". I was totally ignoring the fact I have a Philosopher's wool sweater on the needles, Clapotis, a scarf, AND a crochet afghan in the works. Fortunately, I was saved by the bell. I was called into work last night, which makes four very busy nights in a row. And, bery little crocheting or knitting on new or old projects.

Oh, yes, today is Spay or Neuter today. If your cat goes outside, please make sure that he or she is neutered. There are way too many beautiful cats in shelters already, and way too many of those are euthanized for lack of space. This is so important! If you've ever volunteered at a shelter or adoption agency, you know what I mean. It breaks my heart every year when the amount of kittens starts to swell at the agencies, and foster homes are strained to breaking. Not only that, but cute as kittens are, many lovely adult cats languish in shelters, too, because everyone wants a kitten, and looks right past the adults. Do yourself a favor, if you are looking for a cat, please consider an adult. Or, if you don't want a pet on a constant basis, please consider fostering. I have fostered both adult cats and litters of kittens in my home. Fostering just consists of having a litter of kittens, or mom and the kittens in your home while they are growing up enough to be adopted. You provide the home, food, love, and transportation to the adoption center. Vet bills are usually paid for by the agency.

I have also fostered adult cats who were in desperate need of a little "R & R". Usually, they've been in a cage for a couple of months in Petsmart or somewhere else waiting to be adopted; and desperately need to spend a few weeks in a "normal" environment, i.e. a home with loving people, a soft place to sleep, and just generally get out of the cage mentality. You won't be sorry if you do this.


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