Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where Did Winter Go?

I may regret asking that question at some time in the near future, but today, it seems that winter has taken a powder. It's 71 degrees outside. I have the heat off, the windows open, and the cats are loving it. The only thing missing is sunshine. It's cloudy and murky outside, and we are forecast for thunderstorms, but it's still spring-like outside. It's not going to last. It will be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow, and by Sunday, it's only supposed to be in the 20's.

Yesterday was super Tuesday. Did your state hold its primary? Did you vote? I did. I forgot it was primary day, but my oldest son called me up (twice), and reminded me, and then called later in the evening to see if I voted. Yes, I did. I am not registered as one of the major parties, and I thought that might cause some problems, but it was easy. I was in and out of there in less than three minutes. My youngest son voted in the primary for the first time, too. Unfortunately, my candidate did not win my state. However, having said that, I'm not crazy about any of the candidates running.

I work tonight, so there will be no knitting tonight at chez Knitting At Night, but I did manage to make some progress with only minor ripping last night. Inching up on that armhole!

"Yes, I did vote. "


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