Monday, March 31, 2008

What Is She Doing?

I'm pretty sure that's what my neighbors were thinking yesterday while I was wandering around wearing my 2/3 finished Clapotis while taking pictures. I was looking for good light. My yard tends to be shady, even with no trees in leaf, in the late afternoon. I finally found a place to my liking, and proceeded to take pictures. I had to take pictures of myself, which tends to be difficult when you can't see what's showing up on your LCD. I took several before I got an acceptable one. Of course, this would all have been much easier if I had just remembered I have a flip-out LCD on my new camera.

It would appear that the two new skeins of Noro Silk Garden will fit in just fine. I had one and a half skeins of the original, and as soon as I finished knitting the one on the needle, I started with one of the new skeins. I can't tell the difference. Maybe the color gradation is slightly different, but I had that with one or two of the skeins from the other color lot. At any rate, I'm just about to start the decrease section.


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