Friday, April 25, 2008

Feathery Friday

I've been working on Flower Basket, but it basically looks like a wrinkly mess of knitting at this time, so I haven't taken any more pictures of it.

Heh. Actually, I forgot to take pictures of it. I was too busy at a local park taking pictures of things there. I told you, it's warm here. I have a raging case of spring fever. I've been outside. I've been to every garden center within 30 miles. Several times. Each. I haven't bought too much yet, because I'm still planning what I need, and what I want to buy. Actually, I want it all. I want to have my yard done. I don't want it landscaped to within an inch of its life. I want bushes, trees, flowers, plants that attract birds and butterflies. Hell, I want to have money to get all this done. I've written a lot of checks lately at these places.

So, here are a few pics of todays picture taking orgy at the park:


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