Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Love It When I'm Wrong

My gloomy predictions for last night at work were way off the mark. We had a very quiet evening. Basically, I stocked all the equipment and nursery, cleaned some equipment, and spend the evening being the world's highest-paid babysitter. Nice. It was great for all of us to have a night were things were (mostly) relaxed.

I got home before midnight, so I knitted for an hour or so on Clapotis. I've started the end decrease section, and I'm still not done with that skein of yarn! I thought I would have used it up way before this. So far, I've used seven skeins, and I will definitely start the eighth tonight. I am loving this project. I love the colors, I love the size, I love the yarn. Did I say I love the colors? The picture does not do justice to the beautiful jewel colors of this colorway (08) I know some people say this yarn is kind of scratchy, but I don't feel it at all! 45% silk, 45% mohair, 10% lambswool. What's not to love?

The bottom decrease, showing the short dropped rows here.

Most of Clapotis, folded to show the dropped stitches.


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