Friday, April 18, 2008

OK, I Threw In The Towel...

and frogged Flower Basket. I was missing a stitch, and I could not for the life of me find where I missed it. So, in frustration, I frogged it, and restarted it. I hope it goes better this time. The picture is as much as I did last night.

Spring is still keeping me busy outside. I bought some perennials today for something Chris is building in the yard, and I cleaned up a bit out there. I still have a lot of clean up to do. It seems like the main occupation of my trees is dropping branches. It was 82 degrees today, which I think is just a bit too warm for this time of year. I'm happier when it's in the 70's.

One more day of vacation. I go back to work on Sunday night, for three in a row, with a call night tacked on the end.


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