Monday, April 28, 2008

Rain, Rain

While I was somewhat frustrated by the rain today - didn't feel like running errands in the rain - I have to admit we needed it. Things were getting a bit dusty around here, and I've been dragging out the hose way too much lately. I'm all for natural watering. Plus, we just seeded and sodded part of the back yard, and I shudder to think what my water bill will look like after dragging the sprinkler out every nite to water things. I just didn't go anywhere today - it was a goof-off day basically. Afer I cleaned up the various messes my cats had made. After I brought out the tripod and camera to take pictures of the squirrel antics in my back yard, only to have the squirrels get bored and take off after I had taken exactly one picture!

We were crazy at work last night, so I was really pooped when I came home this morning. I fell asleep around 9:45, and woke up at 3, so most of the day was gone. However, with all the aforementioned rain, it wasn't a total loss. I'm wide-awake now. mI think I've played about a zillion games of Spider today, too, Finally made some really good Dunkin Donuts decaf in my coffee maker. The last pot of coffee I made probably could have walked out to me all by itself. Strong? Just a little. I don't think my stomach had a bottom after I drank a cup of that. Don't think my cup did, either.

I didn't knit on Flower Basket yesterday, but I'm going to tonight right after I finish this post.

Which is right now.


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