Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tired and Crabby

I have no idea why I am so tired and crabby today. It wasn't a bad day, just a lot of stupid little things piling up on me. My computer decided to give me fits today, moving at the speed of molasses until it finally quit working at all. I rebooted it, only to have it announce that it needed to check one of the drives, which it proceeded to do, once again at the speed of molasses. Once it was done, it stubbornly refused to do anything else, until I shut it down again.

I walked outside today, only to find that all four window boxes and pots had been trashed by that stupid squirrel, and he was still busy yanking pansies out of one window box, totally ignoring me, until I threw something at him. Sheesh. Wildlife with an attitude.

Waffles goes to the vet tomorrow to check for dental problems. He's doing real well, nice and hydrated, and eating well. I don't know what happened over he weekend.

Probably the smartest move I'm making today is NOT knitting lace. I have a feeling that wouldn't turn out well, given that I'm already so aggravated.


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