Thursday, April 24, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes!

When I left work on Wednesday morning, it didn't look like we were going to be too busy. We were sending home all patients except for two or three who had just come in. Last night, I get a call to come in. We were nearly full again, and the night was crazy.

Our weather has been so warm lately. Everything in my yard is blooming so much earlier than usual. And, it's been a bit dry, so I had to start watering earlier than usual, too. Can't wait to see my water bill.

I've just gotten done working four nights in a row, so I didn't make too much progress on Flower Basket .

I was working on it last night when I got the call to come in to work. Wouldn't you know it- I was sitting on the couch, feet up, cat on my lap, tv on, knitting away, when the phone rang. I knew right away what it was. Oh, well, I can use the overtime. I need to take down a tree in my front yard before it comes down by itself. It's a 100 year old oak, and it has been chewed to within an inch of its life by carpenter ants. Crap. I hate to lose this tree, but it's beyond help at this point. It's about $1200 to take this down, so I need the overtime.


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