Friday, May 09, 2008

...And, Boy, Was I Right!!

It was even crazier than I thought it would be last night. What happened nine months ago? Blizzard, earthquake, power failure? I am working an additional eight hours tonight for BB (BigBucks!), and an assignment on our overflow area, which is where I was last night. If I'm not in the nursery, I usually love being on overflow. It's much quieter and saner. It's all postpartum, no one giving birth, so a more relaxed atmosphere, usually.

I had intended to get up after a few hours sleep this morning and really get going on my yard work, but Mother Nature threw us a monsoon, instead. So, I slept in, and I'm really glad, because I can work tonight without feeling exhausted. At least the ground will be softer tomorrow and everything will be well-watered!

I haven't knit a stitch on Flower Basket since Monday night. Haven't gotten on the treadmill, either. Bad me.


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