Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hand Me A Knife And Fork, Please, So I Can Drink This.

Every night, before I go to work, I stop at he local Dunkin Donuts and get an industrial-size coffee to go. My car smells wonderful on the way to work - I can just inhale and wake up. However, last night, got up to my unit, drop my bags and stuff, and grab a sip of coffee before taking report. Ugh!! I don't know what was in that cup, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't coffee. I take the lid off, look in, and the other nurse says "Uh, what's that??" It looked more like mud than coffee. Quick trip to our kitchen, add a sugar and four more creamers, and it still looks and tastes like crap mud. So down the drain it went. Fortunately, one of the nurses had just brewed a pot of decent coffee, and I filled my cup up with that. Gotta have fuel for those 12-hour shifts.

When I pick up another cup on my way to work tonight, I'm going to complain, and see if they do the right thing and replace it for me.


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